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Misty Valley MTB & Trail Centre

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DISTANCE > Various distances and trail options.

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Misty Valley...The words themselves seem to conjure up images of forested mountains and remote valley trails soothed by Africa’s morning silk and touched in golden sunlight. Now imagine escaping to this magical place with nothing more then your beloved Mountain Bike and some like minded enthusiasts.

They also have 26 bicycles for rent ranging in all different sizes. They are easy to ride and comfortable on the saddle. [div2 class="highlight1"]

On your bike

Stonehenge is a famous stone monument and as you ride the trail you will discover the resemblance although in a smaller ratio. The trail includes farm road, jeep track, single track and 7 bridge crossings.

FINGAL'S FOREST TRAIL - 6.58 km (Intermediate):
A forest where animals have marked paths in the shape of fingers, you will find tight turns in our little forest. 5 bridge crossings, single track, jeep track, farm road and a few small drop offs are the order of the day. At 2000 metres above sea level, expect to be gasping for air as you twist your way on single tracks, over bridges and up a short steep climb.  Enjoy the forest section and keep an eye out for our resident vervet monkeys.  Then a fast return on single track and farm roads to the Trail Centre.

Shetland Wulver - A myth about a man with the head of a wolf that waits in the mist for wandering travellers to pass by and attacks them with no mercy. Keep your wits about you on this trail.

LOCH NESS TRAIL - 5.32km (Easy):

Beautiful views over the surrounding mountains.  The route takes you on a looped circuit of the upper property.  Beginning with a short burst of fun single track, and then a gradual climb finishing with some scintellating single track back to the resort.  Roads are in good order and singletrack rideable for beginners to expert.  Please don’t feed the monster when you reach the shore of the Loch Ness.

HADRIAN'S WALL - 7.77km (Intermediate):
Hadrian's Wall was buit by the Roman Empire from mostly rocks and stones for military purposes. On our trail you will spend some time on our natural rocky sections also for military puposes - SURVIVAL.  Enjoy numerous bridges, natural technical sections, technical single track and some steep, lung bursting, though relatively short climbs.  One of the best on our property with plenty of obstacles to keep you excited along the way.

AMBLESIDE TRAIL - 5.33km (Easy):
Enjoy mountain splendour as you tour the bottom section of our property.  The route entails easy riding on farm roads and jeep track.  Along your route you will also come across a stunning viewpoint that turns off to the right.  Well worth a detour.

HAWKSHEAD TRAIL (Intermediate):
Hawkshead is a farming town with great views and oldstyle buildings. Enjoy our trail through our next door neighbours farm with a cool forest section and small waterfall to refill with icy water.

Experience the Gorge trail with tough all round mountain biking. Lots of drop offs, steep climbs, rocky sections, technical descents and narrow paths. You have to be a god with a good sense of humour to ride the trail. We have added a Black Diamond section.

MUNRO BAGGER TRAIL (Intermediate):
A Munro Bagger is a term used to describe a person who spends his life wandering the mountains and hills. Some tough climbs with the best views in the area.

Our kiddies trail and fun track which is located next to the playground area You will notice all the mole holes as you ride.


Off the bike

After a good days mountain biking, riders can share their ‘tall tales’ and a cold one around a fire at the “Mad Dog In The Fog” pub before enjoying a three course meal in the Knight & Boar restaurant.

Friends and families can enjoy a fantastic evening under African skies in the open boma with fires crackling in the background. The boma with braai facilities can be organised by prior arrangement.

Other off the bike activities includes game viewing, tennis, canoeing, fly fishing, trail running, bird watching, archery, visiting the Sudwala Caves and horse riding.


Route Information: Misty Valley Trail Centre

Physical Address: Slaaihoek Road, Machadodorp

Telephone: +27 86 13 64789

Cell Phone: +27 79 404 5858

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


GPS: S25˚45' 14.5" E 30˚ 26' 08.3" S

Weather: {weather Machadodorp, South Africa}



Easy to expert


Depends on the trail chosen and level of fitness.


Various trail options - from easy to expert riding and various distances.


Misty Valley Lodge


Gravel road, jeep track, single track, farm roads and bridge crossings.


Available at reception.






We have 26 bicycles for rent ranging in all different sizes. Volley ball, canoes, walking trails, game viewing, Knight & Boar restaurant, Pub, Boma, camping and much more.


Stonehenge Trail (5km):

Shetland Wulver Trail (12km):


Follow the N4 from Witbank towards Belfast, turn right at Machadodorp. Take the Badplaas road (R541). After 13km turn left on the Slaaihoek road, continue for a further 12km and turn right at Misty Valley Lodge.


Year round